Miriam Frost

Founder, Stellar Yoga

Miriam Frost defies conventional definition. She’s a New Yorker who delivers calm, a mother of two boys who exudes an inner peace, and a former manager of corporate customers who knows nothing but empathy. Miriam Frost is a peaceful soul in a world filled with rage – a light at the end of the day.

Born in New York City, Miriam developed much of her career in the financial services industry working for Fortune 500 companies where she managed customers, relationships and merchants. She raised her two boys (both football stars) in Charlotte, North Carolina before landing a promotion with First Data in Atlanta. With a passion for fitness, and the ability to multi-task, she managed fitness centers, gyms and studios at nights and on weekends while working a corporate job.

Miriam loved teaching and motivating people to achieve their fitness goals, but something was missing. Searching for answers, she landed in a hot yoga studio. There she witnessed 100 people in identical rows, balanced and posed, leaning into their sense of self and finding peace. This was a world of encouragement focused on goodness and patience. Here, time was on hold. The madness gave way to meditation, and stress yielded to the deep stretch of longing muscles. She was hooked by the warmth, the spirit, and the meaning of the yoga experience. That night Miriam committed to opening her own yoga studio. In May 2017 she retired from her corporate job, bought a studio, and Stellar Power Yoga was born. Miriam sees her studio as offering more than just yoga – it’s a community of open-minded, judgment-free, and supportive people. Miriam is a RYT® 500 certified Power Yoga instructor.

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