March 26 – 28, 2018 | Atlanta, GA


Navigating a New World Order

Global prosperity can only be achieved with an economy that provides equity and opportunity for everyone. With the theme “Navigating a New World Order”, the 2018 Annual Meeting challenged participants to outline a vision for a new, global economy – where the poor, underserved and dislocated middle class are viewed as untapped assets for entrepreneurship, job creation and economic growth.

During the Annual Meeting, we examined the “New World Order” in five tracks, along with the corresponding disruptions facing each sector. Those included:


New World Order Disrupting
Work People
Financial Services Money
Cities Poverty
Societies Norms
Government Policy

Through a series of nuanced conversations, intimate “Straight Talks” and working “Idea Labs”, attendees interacted with some of world’s leading voices, innovators, influencers and policy makers. Delegates had the opportunity to help craft “50 Big Ideas” on how the Invisible Class can “Navigate the New World Order” and played a vital role in the dynamic 21st century economy.

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