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  1. What is HOPE in Action Commitments?

Most of us want to be change agents but feel overwhelmed by the magnitude of the task at hand. The challenge is always the how, who, what, when and where, but seldom the why. We wonder how one person can change the world.

At Operation HOPE, we believe that one person can make a difference. That is precisely why John Hope Bryant founded Operation HOPE, because as one person — at 26 years of age, in South Central Los Angeles, California — he thought that he could ‘do something.’

HOPE in Action Commitments is that vehicle where one person, combined with the actions of others, can in fact change the world. It is a platform where aspiring change agents like us can pledge commitments to do good. It is a platform where one person, combined with the actions of others, can change the world for the better.


  1. What are HOPE in Action Commitments?

HOPE in Action Commitments can be large or small; involve financial resources or in-kind goods and services.

HOPE in Action Commitments support the overall mission of Operation HOPE by focusing on the following 5 domains:

  • Promotion of social justice.
  • Empowerment & inspiration of financial self-reliance for individuals and communities.
  • Promotion of wellness in all forms.
  • Advancement of economic equality.
  • Financial literacy education of our world.

HOPE in Action Commitments also support Operation HOPE’s core services:

  • Credit and money management
  • Homeownership
  • Small business development
  • Employee financial wellness
  • Youth financial literacy
  • Youth entrepreneurship
  • Youth job skills
  • Financial disaster recovery
  1. Who can participate in HOPE in Action Commitments?

Individuals, families, clubs, organizations, schools, colleges & universities, houses of faith, governments, companies, corporations and other legitimate, affirming and inclusive organizing bodies are all eligible to make HOPE in Action Commitments.

  1. Why should I participate?

HOPE in Action Commitments are designed to encourage all of us to take action, to become change agents.

Through an Annual HOPE in Action Commitments Report, participants will be able to assess the collective impact of their pledges.

Each commitment maker will also receive a signed certificate from the HOPE Global Forum | Annual Meeting signed by John Hope Bryant.


  1. How can I register?

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