Registration members will help set-up for registration and welcome areas, and on days of events will help delegates check into the reception and forum.

Media Relations/Communications
Shadowing HOPE staff and assisting in various Media needs including on-site check-in and liaison for Media

Social Media
Outgoing individuals strong in all forms of social media including Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to give live feedback and news of everything happening on-the-ground at the Forum. Also looking for live-bloggers, and individuals who can do content curation (creating infographics, collages, etc.). If you have a large individual following that is a plus.

This role is working in our HOPE Connect with computer and charging needs including ensuring Internet is working and assisting clients. Providing on-call assistance for any IT-related issues.

Shadowing HOPE staff and assisting in the Photography on-site at the event including working group sessions, and general areas.

Assisting with set-up of areas for the Forum. Maintain centralized office presence including operations liaison, answering phones, holding supplies, etc. Greeting delegates as they arrive and assist in directing to Forum locations.

Sponsor, Speaker & VIP Liaisons
Sponsor, Speaker & VIP Support Liaisons will help Operation HOPE staff ensure all are well supported throughout the reception and forum.

Working Group Scribes and Themers
Scribes for the Working Group Sessions will take notes via an online system on an iPad during the Working Group table discussions or gathering common themes during the discussion in the room.


Premier volunteers will be volunteers whom have either volunteered for HOPE consistently or have an abundance of conference volunteer experience. Expert volunteers could also consist of volunteers with specialized training in an area of particular interest such as Media, Social Media, Operations, or photography. Expert volunteers can be assigned more deliberate and high-level volunteer roles including VIP Liaison, VIP Escorts, Social Media to VIP areas and Executive Support. Time commitment is typically either full conference day or 4 hour shift.

Veteran volunteers will be volunteers with some experience volunteering in similar situations. These volunteers will be responsible for mid-level volunteerism at the forum. Tasks could include mid-level liaison and escorting of delegates, working group liaisons, HOPE Connect, moderation, Social Media live posting and working group Themers. Time commitment is typically either full conference day or 4 hour shift.

HOPE Standard Volunteers that may have limited volunteering experience especially in a conference setting, but are eager to learn more and have the experience in participating in the HOPE Global Forum. HOPE Volunteers can include Operations, Greeters and Social Media. Time Commitment is typically full conference day or 2-4 hour shifts.

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