Matt Clemmer

Founder and CEO, Tattoo Business Mastery (TBM)

Matt Clemmer is the founder and CEO of the Tattoo Business Mastery (TBM), Aisle 9 Consulting, and the host of the widely-acclaimed Tattoo Guardians Podcast. An estimated 70 million Americans – or roughly 30% of the adult population – have a tattoo. Clemmer was an early pioneer in the industry and is now one of the most well-respected experts in the field.

He is a frequent guest speaker and judge at the Hell City Tattoo Convention referred to as “America’s Favorite Tattoo Convention” as seen on the History Channel and The Learning Channel. Based on creating a unique personal global brand, Clemmer built his own tattoo stores and successfully helped his clients grow their businesses to generate $100 million in revenue while impacting 10,000s of tattoo enthusiasts. He teaches his clients how you can create the “cool” factor in your personal business brand based on what he calls “The Art of Building Relationships.”

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