Mark Hicks

Director, Chin Track Days

A successful first career in hotel/restaurant hospitality and a lifetime love of all things automotive led Mark down a path to participate in sports car track events. His entrepreneurial zeal kindled a desire to join a start-up track event provider known as Chin Motorsports in 2004. At that time, Chin Motorsports was doing 4 annual events and had about 500 participating drivers. With high-effort, high-quality, and class-leading best practices, that has evolved into the #1 provider of track events in the USA. Mark is now the chief operating officer and co-owner of Chin Track Days, which has 55 annual events and over 9000 drivers participating in 2017. Mark is an expert in motorsports event management, driver development, racetrack safety protocols, and is an ambassador to the Motorsport Safety Foundation. www.ChinTrackDays.com

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