January 13-15, 2016 | Atlanta, GA | Annual Meeting Highlights

MSNBC Live News Coverage of the 2016 Annual Meeting


The HOPE Global Forum convenes like-minded leaders from around the world dedicated to advancing the financial well-being of all people. Attendees get a potent dose of insight and inspiration to formulate their own actions in contributing to a stronger economy through inclusion and opportunity.

Bill Rogers

Chairman and CEO, SunTrust Bank

The 2015 HOPE Global Forum was the greatest show on Earth – because it talked about creating jobs and rebuilding the almighty middle-class. There was testimony from well-known American CEO’s, famous entrepreneurs, a 13 year-old business genius, President Bill Clinton – a wide range of expert witnesses. If anybody can bring our “good jobs” economy back – it is this summit, John Bryant and his Operation HOPE powerhouse.

Jim Clifton

Chairman and CEO, Gallup

I’ve been to Davos, to the Super Bowl, and to National Conventions of both parties. If I were forced to choose only one, I would choose the HOPE Global Forum. For the ultimate in servant leadership, the HOPE Global Forum is the place to be, to learn, and to serve. The HOPE Global Forum finds the intersection of economic empowerment and human dignity.  It is a place to learn, to teach, and to be inspired.

Steve Bartlett

Former Member of the US Congress, Mayor of Dallas, and CEO of The Financial Services Roundtable

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