Yusuf George

Managing Director, Corporate Engagement, JUST Capital

Yusuf George is the Managing Director of Corporate Engagement at JUST Capital, an independent, nonprofit organization that makes it easier for people, companies and markets to do the right thing by tracking and researching the business behaviors Americans care about most. He is responsible for developing and managing corporate strategy and assists in managing investor-related engagement and strategic partnerships. Prior to joining JUST Capital, he worked at Barclays Capital within the Global Capital Markets division, where he curated investment and risk management strategies and established and managed client relationships with international hedge funds and global asset management firms. He also worked as the Director of the Galtere Institute, a program established to embrace both art and science in finance by focusing on the behavioral and psychological aspects of decision-making.

He currently serves on the Board of Directors of Talk Tech Association, the nonprofit arm of Black Women Talk Tech, an organization focused on identifying, providing financial support to, and encouraging Black women to build their own profitable tech startups; the Middle Project Inc., a nonprofit which prepares and unites progressive and ethical leaders for a more just society; and the Red Hen Collective, a feminist, worker-owned, wine importer that is dedicated to a “new wine economy,” one that pays farmers first and shares equity.

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