Wally Adeyemo

U.S. Deputy Secretary of the Treasury

On March 26, 2021, Wally Adeyemo was sworn in as Deputy Secretary of the Treasury. He has been at the center of many of the country’s major economic policy decisions since the 2008 Financial Crisis and has worked in organizations across the public, private, and non-profit sectors to build a stronger and fairer economy. As Deputy Secretary, Adeyemo serves as the Treasury Department’s number two official and chief operating officer and has taken a leading role in Treasury’s national security, economic inequality, and pandemic-related economic recovery work.

Adeyemo previously served at Treasury during the Obama Administration as Senior Advisor and Deputy Chief of Staff under Secretary Tim Geithner and Secretary Jack Lew. Adeyemo also served as the first Chief of Staff of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau before moving to the Obama White House in 2015. At the White House, Adeyemo served as Deputy National Security Adviser for International Economics and a Deputy Director of the National Economic Council. In this role, Adeyemo led policymaking on international finance, trade and investment, energy, and environmental issues and served as President Obama’s representative to the G7 and G20.

After leaving government in 2017, Adeyemo served as the first president of the Obama Foundation and as a Senior Advisor at the Center for Strategic and International Studies and at BlackRock.

Adeyemo holds a B.A. from the University of California at Berkeley and a J.D. from Yale Law School.

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