Ursela Frederick-Brown

Vice President, Embassy International Chamber of Commerce

Affectionately known as Ursula D. in most circles, she is a highly respected entrepreneur and marketplace ministry leader in all forms of urban inspired arts, music, entertainment, and media. Some of her accomplishments include working for the Department of Veterans Affairs with nearly 15 years of service. Currently she supports the Homeless Program within the VA assisting veterans to transition by securing gainful and competitive employment. She also operates as Chief Strategist, Visionary, & Creative Officer of iNSPiRED Lifestyle Arts & Entertainment Alliance (iLAEA) fomerly known as UGA International, Inc., a professional association for urban inspired artists, executives, other professionals and consumers; iCulture Radio, iCulture Magazine; UGA International Community Improvement Corporation, a non -profit enterprise, concerned with utilizing arts, entertainment, media, & music as a tool for the betterment of urban communities through empowerment, education, and cooperation. She owns and runs AEINIM Management & Consulting Group, LLC, a federal contracting, consulting, research, and business development firm, as well as Eco-Entertainment, a GREEN Enterprise that
combines awareness for the environment with ad sharing for small businesses. Ursula also serves as the Vice President of Embassy International Chamber of Commerce (EICC), and currently serves alongside founder and urban gospel impresario, Canton Jones, who is the Lead Pastor of Free Life Experience/Church, where Ursula consults on a regular basis.

Ursula’s vision is to revolutionize the urban landscape via the urban inspirational/gospel industry touching the lives of individuals globally. Her primary focus is to introduce and compel within the international marketplace -viable, relevant, Christ-centered and positive arts, entertainment, media, music, and lifestyle preferences – to influence urban communities and audiences throughout the world.

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