Troy Millings

Co-CEO, Earn Your Leisure

Troy Millings was born in the home of hip hop, the South Bronx. Early on, music influenced his education. Millings’ keen memory helped him memorize historical facts, equations and literature. Those passions would mold the educator he is today. In the midst of teaching, Millings led Operations Crossroads, a summer youth program that introduces students to financial literacy. Realizing the need to expand financial literacy education outside the classroom, he and lifelong friend Rashad Bilal started an educational platform called Earn Your Leisure (EYL). It is now a top business platform, with a top business podcast and an online educational platform. The EYL platform breaks down business models and examines the latest trends in finance. EYL offers an interactive educational resource through EYL University, an online educational platform. Millings and Bilal founded The Earn Your Leisure Network, a revolutionary network that gives rise to emerging and established content creators from the worlds of business, finance and entrepreneurship.

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