Tiffani Gatlin

CEO and Founder, Latched and Hooked

Tiffini Gatlin is a former Assistant Vice President of Consumer and Small Business Banking. She entered into entrepreneurship nine years ago and has since become a two time beauty founder. As a mom of four, she could not find synthetic hair extensions that her and her daughters could enjoy without scalp irritation. In 2015, Tiffini decided to take on the half a trillion dollar black beauty industry and became a pioneer in the industry by designing and manufacturing the first itch-free, pre-curled and looped crochet hair to match the texture of African American hair. Now, the style can be seen worn by millions of African American women around the world. In 2018 her first beauty company, Curlkalon Hair, was acquired. The Clark Atlanta University graduate is now the CEO and Founder of Latched and Hooked beauty where she has expanded her quest to provide beauty convenience to women of color through hair extensions and hair care products for protective hairstyling. Tiffini continues her quests to not only create clean and sustainable hair extensions through U.S. manufacturing, but she works to make the beauty industry more inclusive by creating STEM programs for young girls who are interested in learning the chemistry behind creating synthetic hair products.

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