Les Riedl

President, Meed

Les is President of Meed, the California-based financial health, technology and marketing company. Meed was established in 2013 by a group of socially-conscious entrepreneurs with a vision of improving the lives of those millions around the world currently disenfranchised and underserved by traditional banks and credit unions. Meed’s revolutionary banking program leverages social marketing to create ecosystems of individuals, banks and companies working together so all parties benefit financially, thus creating life-changing financial empowerment and financial mobility for individuals and helping them become valued customers for the banks.

Prior to joining Meed, Les founded international consultancy Bank Solutions Group. He served as the firm’s senior managing partner, helping to shape the future of financial services for almost four decades, advising financial institutions around the world on improving all aspects of their business and developing new, innovative customer service models. Previously he was CEO of Speer and Associates.

Les holds a Bachelor of Business Administration in Finance from Cleveland State University, has served on multiple industry councils and has been an advisor to several bank boards. He’s a global traveler, which makes him value quality time at home with his wife, family and dog all the more. Whenever he can find time, he enjoys the freedom of the road, exploring long and winding roads on his motorcycles.

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