La Kesha Landers

Director of Financial Literacy, Clark Atlanta University, Millennials Chamber of Commerce

“La Kesha Landers is a true trailblazer and champion for Financial Success.”
Since 2015, La Kesha has served as the Program Director of Financial Literacy for the renowned HBCU Clark Atlanta University. Clark Atlanta University saw the value in bringing in La Kesha because of her extensive background as a financial service leader in Higher Education with over 10 years of experience in state, proprietary, and public post-secondary institutions. Utilizing her many talents such as her ability to speak a language that reaches all ages, La Kesha has definitely made her mark as an educator. She has taught on a collegiate level humanities, personal finance, and money management. With La Kesha’s leadership and program development, she manages to operate the only Financial Literacy Department within the Atlanta University Center, offering services and training for all students, staff, and community members within the Atlanta University Center (AUC). La Kesha has created and implemented modeled programs to allow students the opportunity to become more financial literate, conduct peer-to-peer sessions and financial education workshops, as well as opportunities for professional development.

Ms. Landers was recently appointed the Financial Chair on the board of the Millennials Chamber of Commerce, also known as MC2. Mc2 is an organization dedicated to engaging, educating, empowering and bridging the generation gap between millennials and other generations for a shared goal of global unity and empowerment via a new age experience-based model, called, “New 3”. She is a board member for the Community Foundation of Financial Literacy, a member/partner for the Leadership Team over Colleges and University’s for Money Smart GA, and the National Money Smart Initiative through the Federal Reserve Bank. Ms. Landers works to engage and collaborate with financial professionals and others in public, private, and non-profit sectors coordinating efforts and strengthening financial literacy awareness within the community, high schools, colleges, and families.

A priority of Ms. Landers has been volunteering her time and efforts to the Boys and Girls Club, M.A.P.S, Community in Schools, local high schools, churches, and community programs. She has a strong desire to ensure no one is left behind by volunteering to help those that are unable to cover the cost of certain financial resources, and provide limited yet free education to help prepare others for financial wellness. She holds a strong passion towards the development and implementation of her Financial Literacy Ambassadors who in return create opportunities for other college students to educate, train, and develop into professionals that support and advocate financial awareness amongst their peers and be models of financial success for those that follow behind them. La Kesha was honored with the 2007 and 2008 Eagle award for leadership by the Career Education Corporation, and recognized by the Woman-to-Woman Organization in 2014 as, “The Woman on the Rise” for her mentorship and leadership of women of diversity in college.

In 2016, Ms. Landers was responsible for the partnership with the Atlanta University Center Consortium to train students within the AUC as Financial Literacy Ambassadors to assist/facilitate financial literacy events in the community. Additionally, La Kesha created and developed the production of the Inaugural Financial Literacy Conference for the Atlanta University Center, partnered with the Rainbow Push Coalition for a financial workshop series, and responsible for bringing John HOPE Bryant CEO, and chairman of Operation Hope to Clark Atlanta University to discuss the success in having a plan. La Kesha holds a Master of Arts in Organizational Management, and a Master in Business Administration. She is a visionary with creative ideas that are key to cohesively provide others with the know-how on financial stability and growth.

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