Kayla Brooks

Co-Founder, Kayla’s Italian Ice

As a little girl visiting my mom’s hometown in Queens, NY, ice cream was off the menu due to our family’s shared lactose issues, leading us to savor Italian Ice instead. When I brought up the idea of bringing New York Italian Ice to Georgia with the side money I earned from selling slime, my mom supported my dream.

That’s how Kayla’s Italian Ice started. In the last five years, we’ve not only thrived but also secured partnerships with prestigious corporate clients, including the FedEx Cup PGA Tour Championship, thanks to MasterCard and Capital One sponsorship, Papa John’s distribution centers, Delta Air Lines, Concession International, Amazon distribution centers, Coca-Cola, Transwestern, and more. We currently offer franchise opportunities and have a mocktail book in the works.

At 15, attending Westlake High School, I’m involved in the Deca program, debate, and culinary. Together, we’re introducing flavors without artificial coloring, prioritizing health in response to potential risks. During my grandmother’s battle with cancer, Kayla’s Italian Ice, especially the Dream Mango flavor, brought her comfort. Dedicated to her memory, Dream Mango represents her Jamaican roots.

 Our commitment to a healthier frozen treat stands as a testament to the power of dreams and family. Kayla’s Italian Ice also contributes to the community through financial literacy initiatives and partnerships with organizations like Operation Hope, Russell Innovation Center for Entrepreneurship, and The Entrepreneur’s Road Map by Doll Avant, aiming to inspire others on their entrepreneurial journey.

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