Jimmy Cushingham

Financial Advisor, Edward Jones, Board of Millennials Chamber of Commerce Board

Jimmy Cushingham serves as a financial advisor with Edward Jones with specific emphasis and focus on helping startups, entrepreneurs and retirees. Mr. Cushingham has been passionate about helping others and empowering their “financial health and welling being” for as long as he can remember. He truly believes that anything is possible with accountability and a solid strategic plan. Mr. Cushingham prides himself in working closely and personally with his clients to develop a customized financial plan to help achieve their goals through documented proven strategies. Mr. Cushingham is very keen in understanding the recent changes in the climate of startups, entrepreneurship and retirees. Specifically, the concept of retirement has shifted in recent years, from a point in time to a phase of life. Mr. Cushingham often consults his clients and offers education on these areas so they can adapt and become educated with the financial and economic changes and trends. He often advises his clients that while retirement was once accomplished from working in a single job for many years and earning the right to a pension, that model is no longer the case. Mr. Cushingham invests much of his time studying the recent shift in retirement that came about as younger generations started to view work as projects rather than careers. Pensions passed away, and many 401k’s are being left forgotten. Mr. Cushingham is absolutely passionate about working with clients in a collaborative effort to seize the opportunities that age has given them and rise above in a new era of “retirement” that is specific to each client’s needs.

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