Jennifer Gennaro Oxley

Executive Director, The Motely Fool Foundation

Jennifer Gennaro Oxley, a recognized leader on change leadership and innovative business strategy who’s career has spanned for-profit, trade associations, chambers of commerce and non-profit organizations. Jennifer currently serves as Executive Director of The Motley Fool Foundation, a new public charity formed in 2020. She formerly co-led the Mid-Atlantic regional office of Playworks, an award winning social enterprise actively promoting safe & healthy play in elementary school children across the nation. Prior, Jennifer was the Executive Director of the Fulbright Association, where she co-launched TEDxFulbright, accelerated global advocacy which led to a restoration of Congressional funding for the Fulbright Program, and expanded the regional chapter network, all while creating new funding sources, international conveniening opportunities and member value. Jennifer has also held pivotal leadership roles at the U.S Chamber of Commerce where she co-launched the mid-market business division, led the small business department’s membership efforts, and the Electronic Retailing Association where she co-introduced the first online retailing alliance, led all membership & marketing efforts, and launched the international product search competition. Jennifer holds leadership and volunteer positions with civic organizations that largely focus on human empowerment and child development such as Compass Bono, American Marketing Association-DC Chapter, DC Scores, UMASS Alumni Club and the YMCA National Capital. Jennifer has created and fostered numerous mentoring programs for young adults and has won a variety of awards for her work in this area. She earned a B.A. in business from UMASS Amherst. Jennifer is a 27-year DMV resident with her husband and two children, and is deeply committed to the community and fostering social good for impact.

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