Ian Cohen


An up-and-coming entrepreneur, Ian Cohen graduated from Emory University in 2012 with a bachelor’s degree in Philosophy before beginning his career as an educator through Teach for America, where he earned both Teacher of the Year and Coach of the Year while in the classroom. He is a former Fellow and Program Director for the Urban Leaders Fellowship, gaining experience in the policy arena at the local and state levels. In 2014, Ian co-founded the non-profit education organization, Next Generation Men & Women, which focuses on bringing college and career readiness to life for under-served high school students across Atlanta. Ian recently left his post as Executive Director and now advises social entrepreneurs through the Center for Civic Innovation while working on a new venture in the technology space. An avid reader and movie lover, Ian is a firm believer in the power and development of technology that is human-centered and focused on truly complementing, and not consuming, our lives.

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