Donte Campbell

CEO, The Campbell Family Foundation

Founder and CEO of BLAC Heartbeat Enterprises and The Campbell Family Foundation (501c3)
Donte Campbell is a native of Toledo, OH, a graduate of The University of Toledo and a college football champion. With a mother surviving lupus, an absent father and all of the challenges that plague his community, he has defied all odds by becoming a successful entrepreneur and business owner.

As a business owner, investor, father and husband, he has made it his life mission to show people the importance of ownership and free enterprise. The Campbell Family Foundation 501c3 teaches youth entrepreneurship to high schools students and families all across the U.S., creating more awareness around the idea of autonomy. Understanding first-hand how to gain wealth starting from scratch, Donte shows people from every walk of life how they can achieve success through a few strategic principals that is guaranteed to work for anyone and everyone.

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