Davion Ziere

Founder, Culturebase

Born in California, Davion Ziere (Zi) grew up a global citizen and attended 13 different schools before starting Emory at age 16. An alum of Emory University’s College of the Arts, Goizueta Business School and Stanford’s Int’l Relations Certificate program, Davion Ziere also has a history of founding and managing startups that empower independent creators and entrepreneurs. Before his latest venture, Culturebase, Davion was the #1 North American Advisor for Tesla, generating over $50M in sales a Technical Writer in the blockchain industry and has 8+ years of experience researching and creating effective content, strategies, and market implementation plans for entities ranging from the U.S. House of Reps and artists to public schools, international media outlets and non-profits. An artist himself, he empathizes with the human experience and enjoys constructing systems that will make our world & cities more sustainable and equitable for all people.

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