David Hooks

Executive Director, The Gadsden Alabama Industrial Development Authority

David Hooks is a senior business executive with a unique range of expertise in economic development, investment banking, real estate, public finance, and politics. David currently serves as the Executive Director of The Gadsden Alabama Industrial Development Authority. Prior to his current role David served as the Director of Innovation at The Edge of Chaos, a “thought and innovation” collaborative, established by the School of Public Health at the University of Alabama at Birmingham. David has previously served in as Director of Capital Structure and Investment for Jefferson County, Alabama, Senior Manager of Industrial Recruitment for the Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) and as Director of the Alabama Department of Economic Development and Community Affairs (ADECA) the Governor’s Cabinet position responsible for the economic growth and social well-being in Alabama. He has also served as City Councilman in two different Alabama Cities and as Chairman of the Finance and Administration Policy Committee (FAIR) with the National League of Cities. David Hooks has a Master’s Degree in Public Administration with a specialty in Municipal Finance from the University of Alabama at Birmingham. His undergraduate degree is from The University of Alabama and he is a graduate of The Public Finance Institute of the University of Michigan. Hooks is also a published author. His book, The Wisdom of Solomon Ancient Teachings for Modern Business, explores the Biblical teachings of ethics in business.

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