Darrah Brustein

Writer, Finance Whiz Kids

Darrah Brustein is a gifted connector and teacher on the hybrid art and science of relationship building and networking. She is a contributing writer for Forbes, Entrepreneur, and Thrive Gloal on the subject, and has been featured in outlets like Time, Inc, The Huffinton Post, CNN, and Mashable. She works with companies to teach teams how to build sustainable networks that are giving-centric, and also lead to greater success in both personal and professional life. She’s the founder of Equitable Payments, a merchant services brokerage spanning 38 states, Network Under 40, the country’s fastest-growing networking organization for young professionals, and the author of the kids books series Finance Whiz Kids, which infuses fun into teaching elementary aged children about money. She was fortunate to go to Davos for the World Economic Forum’s Annual Meeting to represent on youth financial literacy. When not working, you can find Darrah traveling the world, taking black and white photos, or practicing acro yoga!

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