Connie Wright

SVP, Housing Affordability Philanthropy, Wells Fargo

Connie Wright, a banker of 34 years with Wells Fargo and its legacy companies, provides strategic leadership, and technical expertise for national philanthropy programming. As such, she manages an expansive grant portfolio of over 40 non-profit organizations to include a focus on providing housing counseling and legal assistance for LMI renters and homeowners facing eviction or foreclosure, an heirs property/tangle title pilot initiative in partnership with 19 local, regional, and national non-profits, and one of the largest Wells Fargo volunteer partnerships. Connie also served as lead in creating the pilot $20 million Wells Fargo Housing Affordability Breakthrough Challenge, a program designed to identify and scale innovative finance, construction, and residential support services. Cutting across her entire body of work is a focus on helping people of color to close the racial equity gap.  Demographics include Hispanic, Black/African American, Native American, and Alaska Native, Asian American & Pacific Islander and LGBTQ+ households.

Prior to her work in the philanthropy space, she was a Community Development Officer for 18 years. In that role, she managed the CRA strategy for urban, mid- tier and rural markets for the state of Georgia. Highlights of that work included serving as a loaned executive for the Atlanta Project led by President Jimmy Carter and receiving several outstanding CRA ratings for the assessment areas under her purview.         

Connie currently serves on the Board of Governors for the National Housing Conference and Board of Directors for the Center for Community Progress and the Housing Assistance Council.

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