Calvin Vismale

Founder and CEO, Emerging Economic Equity Empire, Inc

Calvin Vismale, a proud graduate of Morehouse College, is founder and CEO of Emerging Economic Equity Empire, Inc. He’s also served as Executive Director of Rainbow PUSH Citizenship Education Fund and Peachtree Street Project. In this role, Mr. Vismale facilitated development of sustainable healthy communities of disenfranchised people, particularly descendants of American Slaves, by creating ecosystems that nurture ideation, incubation, acceleration, monetization and participation in wealth-based divine ideas.

Mr. Vismale is a tireless advocate on behalf of PUSH Trade Bureau members, all of whom are women and minority business owners, for inclusion in economic opportunities with public corporations and government. He also oversees research on economic equity issues, engages in shareholder activism regarding environmental sustainability, governance and other areas of risk mitigation. Mr. Vismale executes the Annual Creating Opportunity conference and other events geared toward facilitating and maintaining awareness, meaningful discussions and action around issues and opportunities related to the economic wellbeing of communities of color.

In his role with Rainbow PUSH, Mr. Vismale works diligently to educate constituents on the relationship between public policy and private enterprise, foster civic engagement, and improve voter registration and mobilization; with the determination to help build legislative bodies that take seriously the concerns and economic success of all people.

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