Bill Druliner

Director of Strategic Partnerships, GreenPath Financial Wellness

Within a few minutes of talking to Bill, you’ll realize that he is passionate about Remixing the American Dream so it Works for Everyone. To him, this means finding ways to improve financial health through human-centered design, while harnessing partnerships with like- minded organizations.

Drawing on over 20 years’ experience in in financial services and credit counseling, he keeps GreenPath on the cutting edge of promoting financial wellness. This includes speaking at national conferences on topics such as FinTech / Non-Profit collaboration, as well as the “Health-Wealth Connection” – the role of economic security as a social determinant of health. He is a learner and systems thinker, constantly working to redesign financial systems to empower people to use their money for the life they want to live.

Bill earned his MBA in finance from Marquette University and bachelor’s in finance and economics from the University of Wisconsin—LaCrosse. He is always eager to discuss Chicago Cubs baseball or coaching youth fastpitch softball with anyone who will listen.

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