Apria Brown

Founder, Tuo Consulting Group

As an avid traveler and lover of different cultures Apria Brown has a business and real estate career that allows her to do just that. Tuo Consulting Group assists the local and abroad community with investing in real estate. The groups areas of expertise include; listing and selling homes, working with homebuyers, relocation to or from abroad, working with foreign investors, commercial investments and international business relations. The group is apart of Keller Williams Realty International which is a brand that delivers strong connections to assist with real estate and business development on a local and global scale. Tuo Consulting is also passionate about attracting talent and sharing business growth through education seminars and coaching to help create more international business leaders. An abundant business with bigger goals for our communities allowed Apria and the Tuo brand to start Tuo-Be Youth Development Foundation a 501c3 non profit organization that invest in life skills development opportunities for youth in underserved areas. The organization offers a wide rage of free activities to middle and high school youth that support career and pro-social development skills. The organization also offers individual and group image consulting to help young people realize their full potential by encouraging high self-esteem and positive decision making.

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