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Commitment Platform



Why Commitments?

Everyone wants to change the world. Most everyone would like to actually become the change they want to see. The challenge is always the how, who, what, when and where, but seldom the why.  We want to leave our mark on the world. We want to be change agents, but feel overwhelmed by the magnitude. The problems and challenges loom too large, and our answers seem too small. We wonder how one person can change the world.

At Operation HOPE, we believe that that one person can make a difference.  That is precisely why John Hope Bryant founded Operation HOPE, because as one person — at 26 years of age, in South Central Los Angeles, California — he thought that he could ‘do something.’

A 10-Point Plan for Success

Here is the Operation HOPE 10 Point Plan – the HOPE in Action Commitment areas that frame this effort. We are asking that you commit to act and operationalize in any or all of these:

  1. HOPE in Action Commitments that scale.
  2. HOPE in Action Commitments that build and solve.
  3. HOPE in Action Commitments that heal and grow.
  4. HOPE in Action Commitments that promote wellness in all forms.
  5. HOPE in Action Commitments that bridge and extend.
  6. HOPE in Action Commitments that provide internships and apprenticeships for a new generation of leaders and builders.
  7. HOPE in Action Commitments that promote social justice and creative freedom.
  8. HOPE in Action Commitments that advance economic equality.
  9. HOPE in Action Commitments that empower and inspire self-reliance for individuals and communities.
  10. HOPE in Action Commitments that educate our world – because education is freedom. And financial literacy is the new civil rights issue of our generation.

These commitments can be large or small; involve financial resources or in-kind goods and services. Cross-sector partnerships are strongly encouraged as a means to foster innovation while maximizing resources.

Are You Ready?

If you are tired of looking at the television, or reading the news and wondering whether there is something ‘someone’ can do about what we are seeing and reading, then here is your chance to make a difference.


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